How to make Longan charcoal in Viet Nam


When Longan tree can not have good fruit, we will use these Longan trees to make Longan charcoal, characteristic of Longan charcoal is very hard, the burning time is longer than other wood charcoals but Longan charcoal quantity is not much as Mangrove charcoal and Eucalyptus charcoal. It is used good for BBQ.

Longan charcoal in Viet Nam

After the fruits are harvested, the branches of longan, litchi and others trees are cut into short logs.

Longan charcoal in Viet Nam

After filling the oven with logs, the oven mouth will be filled with brick and mud, except for a small opening to put firewood in.
The wood will smolder for 12-15 days. Then, charcoal producer will completely seal off the stove and let the wood sit for another week.

Longan Charcoal
Longan Charcoal BBQ

Making charcoal is a tough job that requires a lot of hard labor.

Even though this job helps many families make a living, it is very harmful for people’s health, since they have to work in a dusty environment.

Making charcoal is the main means of livelihood for many families in Vietnam

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